Peak States Therapy

Choose a Peak States that you would like to experience from the list (Inner Peace, Silent Mind, Life Path) or experience permanently a Peak Experience that you had a few times in your life.

Inner Peace State

 In the Inner Peace state, the client comes emotionally into the present moment. This means that all your past trauma suddenly stops feeling traumatic, no matter how hard you try to evoke feelings from the past. You now have an underlying sense of peace and calmness, and your emotions are in proportion to whatever is happening to you – you’ve lost your emotional ‘buttons’. Since the vast majority of people’s daily problems are created by past emotional traumatic material surfacing into the present, you can imagine how much better they would feel if they were in this state. It’s particularly true of people suffering from a number of emotionally based issues. Rather than try and fix individual emotional issues one at a time, this process just turns them all off all at once. You can imagine that applicability to a therapy practice. Some trauma-based physical problems also go away while the client is in the state.

Silent Mind Process
Silent Mind is an exceptional state of permanent well-being that allows you to be quiet inside, to not procrastinate on creating positive improvements in your life, and to eliminate ties to people with whom you have created co-dependent relationships. This process is absolutely unique and frees your mind from involuntary chatter and background noise. This state is especially useful for those who practice meditation regularly and people who need a high degree of concentration such as therapists, writers, artists, creators, musicians, scientists, or anyone for whom silence and clarity is a valuable asset. It also cures many addictive behaviors and unwanted compulsive attractions.

Life Path Process

What are the effects of living on your Optimal Life Path?
It happens to be an extraordinary state of consciousness, called Being on Track / Euphoria. In this state, we feel like we are in the right place doing the right thing, and the future is extremely bright and positive. A natural optimism gives us a stronger energy, and this state is accompanied by a very pleasant feeling of euphoria. This euphoria is mild: it has nothing to do with manic excitement or drunkenness. On the contrary, it is a very functional, positive, buoyant feeling.
This state greatly facilitates the realization of tasks and activities, even if they are difficult. It is therefore a very important state for quality of life and happiness.
Is there a way to stay in this state permanently? Probably, but we haven’t found the solution yet. Our process allows you to be able to see your optimal life path and be on it but it requires regular work, which can be rewarded by more and more frequent episodes of euphoria.